The tilted door: neo-Vietnamese cuisine

I visited Vietnam for the first time in September 1996. I was impressed in many ways, but most of all I was impressed with their cuisine. My friend, who was stationed in Ho Chi Minh City, took me to several restaurants he knew. The food I sampled at these restaurants was excellent. Their dishes were very well presented and visually […]

Restaurants and Food Allergies – A Problem?

I have been allergic to dairy products, among other things, for quite a few years. So when I visit restaurants, I always politely ask “no cheese or sour cream”. Next thing you know, I get a starter with a cream sauce on it. Most food servers don’t even know it contains dairy! Since the menus are never explicit on the […]

Restaurant cookbook reveals secrets

If you’re like me you love to eat out, but unfortunately I’m not a rich man and it can get very expensive. So I find myself in the kitchen quite often, trying to copy my favorite restaurant recipes, as many of you have certainly done. Problem is, if you miss just one of those “secret” ingredients, the dish never tastes […]

Disney Baltic Cruise

I would like to explain what my family and I did each day while we enjoyed our family vacation aboard the Disney Magic; Day 1; We arrived at the port of Copenhagen, Denmark around 1:00 p.m., but you can board from 11:00 a.m. We gave ourselves 3 hours to board (the ship sets sail at 4 p.m.) so that we […]