Iguana Nutrition And Health Tips – How To Keep Your Pet Happy

Most people know that iguanas are reptiles. Yet they belong to the largest family of reptiles: lard. Their natural habitats are tropical rainforests, hot deserts and semi-aquatic places. You can see these iguanas in places in North America, South America as well as South Africa, Canada, Madagascar and on the Galapagos Island. Reptiles and environment Iguanas adapt to all kinds […]

Age-related macular degeneration and nutrition

Before getting into a discussion of age-related macular degeneration and nutrition, it’s probably worth taking a short digression to illustrate a key point: Who here wants to take the risk of putting substandard fuel in their car? Who would want to start this habit today and continue indefinitely? takers? Nobody? I did not mean it. We all know that putting […]