Why and how to maintain hygiene in food services and restaurants

It’s safe to say that a few years ago the food industry, especially caterers and restaurants, experienced a paradigm shift. The lifestyle of workers has changed. Food hygiene has made a breakthrough. Complicated measures to ensure the safety of ingredients have been implemented. This transformation took place when: People have become aware of foodborne illness Careless food handling and hygiene […]

Advice for personal health and hygiene

Version 1.0 WARNING: The information presented in this guide may be appropriate to supplement your daily routines prescribed by your doctor. Please consult your doctor first for advice on whether this guide is right for you. HERE ARE SOME HEALTH TIPS FOR YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE PREFACE: The helpful tips in this guide might come in handy if you are able […]

Why is food hygiene so important?

There are many steps in the food preparation process. One of the most important parts is known as the food test. This is vital because we cannot deny the importance of food hygiene whether it is a home, retail store, restaurant or food factory. Over time, more and more people realize the importance of food security. Let’s see why food […]