8 tips for healthy eating while traveling

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you know that healthy food can sometimes be difficult to find. Or I should at least say that there are so many temptations that healthy options seem scarce. Being prepared is 75% of the battle when it comes to eating healthy while traveling. It certainly requires a bit of planning and a special […]

Why choosing healthy foods at the grocery store can be tricky

I was at the grocery store (supermarket) yesterday and had to shake my head because of the smart misleading food labeling that is everywhere. In every aisle, I’ve seen tons of products claiming all kinds of things that are supposedly “healthy” but actually aren’t. This is the worst deception in food marketing. One of the things I noticed that really […]

Tips on where to buy wheatgrass

If you’ve been wanting to make your own wheatgrass juice at home, but don’t know where to find wheatgrass, you’re in luck because we’ve got the answer you’re looking for. There are a number of places where you can buy wheatgrass juice and you have probably known them from the start, but you didn’t realize it. One of the main […]