Decorate your dinner table

Decorating your Christmas table can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be. If you are going to be shopping for items to use on your table, be sure to set a budget. Better yet, if you want a good deal, shop early or shop after Christmas for the sales. 1) For starters, unless you have […]

Christmas in July – Rekindling the magic of a traditional white Christmas

Everyone loves the traditional snow-themed Christmas. However, for many countries December is summer time and the thought of cooking a hot meal is enough to cause heatstroke! So, in various countries of the world, “Christmas in July” is naturally gaining popularity. In recent times, it is considered an unofficial holiday marked by celebrations including parties and dinners featuring the traditional […]

How to make your kitchen more comfortable

Do you feel like your kitchen is becoming a very impersonal space in which you work? Kitchens should be warm and comfortable and should be a place where we can spend a lot of time in the morning sipping our coffee and having a pleasant conversation with our family. It should be a place where we make our meals extra […]