Best Sugar Cookie Recipe?

There is nothing like a good recipe for sugar cookies. Don’t buy the Pillsbury Dough roll, you can make a great cookie that will remind you of when Grandma made them. Grandma would sit by the fire and drink her tea and Grandpa would sip his coffee made from his French press, before it was all the rage. I loved […]

Gluten free bread

The secret to great gluten-free bread dough is the subtle balance of carefully blended ingredients. Together, the ingredients must masquerade as gluten. Genuine bread should also be ‘yeast based’, which helps give bread its ‘bread flavor and feel’, which is of course different from cakes. Many gluten-free breads fail to provide just that. To make your gluten-free bread a success, […]

Eat Gluten Free – What is inulin and why is it in my bread?

Inulin is a fairly new addition to gluten-free cooking. Most commonly extracted from chicory root, it can replace sugar and fat in some products, add fiber, help promote good bacteria in your gut, and may even help your body absorb calcium. Inulin is a starchy substance that is found naturally in many roots or tubers of plants, including onions, garlic, […]

Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook Review

If you have celiac disease (or cook for people with celiac disease) I highly recommend you try Elana Amsterdam’s Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. My family and guests have been delighted with every recipe I have made from this book. Best of all, almond flour simplifies gluten-free cooking by eliminating the need to use an expensive mix of unusual flours. […]