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The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati

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When it comes to looking for the best restaurants in the city of Cincinnati, you know you’re in for a treat. Places like 700 Circus Street, Ace Modern, Roses, The Irish Hall, Healdsburg District, Bethel Tavern, and many more are all must-attend sites for foodies. With that in mind, it’s a no-brainer to point out some great local eateries.

Columbia Station

Columbia Station is home to some of the best restaurants in Cincinnati—from Prohibition by Smith & Drennan to The Petit Grocery, where you can enjoy $9 beer pints all night long. Visit Smith & Drennan for the biggest selection of whiskeys in the city of Cincinnati, The Irish Hall and Sports Bar for delicious bistro fare, and Tuft & Dining for a post-game happy hour experience.

The Garret Bar & Kitchen

Think of The Garret Bar & Kitchen as a special boutique-style spot that offers up a brief menu of classic American fare, a small champagne cocktail bar, and an intimate and friendly feel. The Hairy Pig Pizza is one of the best pizzas in the city of Cincinnati, and The Garret’s “Groot to Buffalo Fry” is the ultimate comfort food treat.

Akrid Ice Cream

Akrid Ice Cream is the perfect example of how much has changed and where the food world is headed. Akrid will be perfect for enjoying a full crowd of people as you enjoy delicious coconut ice cream made with the best ingredients.

Courtyard Cafe

This Cincinnati eatery deserves all the praise they’ve received recently because of its exceptional price tag. As of 2012, Courtyard Cafe became a Subway in but is still a go-to for their delicious and unique take on American cuisine. The Chicken and Rice is a must-try dish, and The Eel and Lobster Skewers are an equally excellent option.

Front Square at Wynnewood Brewing

Located across from Wynnewood Brewing, Front Square at Wynnewood Brewing just loves to offer the delicious tastes of the Great Lakes: Comfort Food, Brats, and BBQ. Depending on the order, you’ll have bites of fries, burgers, the perfect cheese fries, and more, from the top-notch food you’re going to enjoy. Pair up with German-influenced beers to add to the flavours of your meal and be sure to enter their famous “Three-Coke-All-Day Cocktail” program.

The Shishka

The Shishka offers up Cleveland-made Cleveland caviar served in an array of delicious cocktails. With deep Ohio Creeks located all over town, the crowds gathered around its heated outdoor dining areas will be at least 50% larger than people inside of the restaurant. The perfect place to celebrate your happy hour in style.


Raghavendra will be a top choice for vegetarians who enjoy different ways to cook meat. They are widely known for their vegetarian dishes, including their meat-free Waikiki Burger. You’ll be surprised by the minimal ingredients they add to their dishes—just beet, rice, and veggies that any vegan should be able to enjoy. With healthy options on their menu, you might want to take a book before you visit the restaurant.

Sundae Tavern

Sundae Tavern is famous for its organic eateries, and its award-winning Forest Park Pavilion is no exception. It’s the best place to eat healthier inside. They have interesting watercourses, homemade microbrews, their locally-made Thai-Rice cups, and more. All the amazing dishes have their own watercourses so you don’t need to buy your own!

Bistro Solevole

Bistro Solevole is a 50-seat exotic eatery that offers up delicious jazz, cocktails, wine, hand-crafted fish fries, and simply some of the best food this city has to offer. The incredibly creative and unique take on American cuisine will leave you giddy to return—after all, you’ll have that famous, gooey “Third of July” breakfast sandwich ready!

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