Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Dinner in the Sky uses a world-class team of professional chefs that regularly source exclusive, high-quality produce to prepare meals and share them with the world through a unique cinematic experience in the sky. By using innovative technologies, guests can experience delicious meals from an intimate dining room while they are above Dubai.

This exclusive food experience is followed by a spectacular aerial dining experience as guests can enjoy your food dinner from the world-class menu while they are in the sky.

The esteemed chefs cook and prepare delicious meals in the Night Eats

MasterChef contestants will be providing incredible culinary delights below the ground. The expansive table will have over 70 guests who can share exquisite meals from renowned chefs like Richard Blais and Elim Scissorhands. And the iconic Dubai Tourism & Commerce Free Zone will continue with stunning table décor, and elaborate lighting to provide a cosy space.

You can enjoy each delicious dinner on the food ride for two adults and children below Dubai’s skyscrapers. This is the perfect experience for a special evening in a major metropolitan city. The immersive experience is easily accessible for the entire family.

Dining in the sky will take two people up in the air to enjoy the culinary delights of the local chefs as they prepare amazing meals and prepare the dishes during their dinner flight.

Relax above Dubai!

The aerial food delivery provided by Soupsurf, a Middle Eastern restaurant, means that you can enjoy meals from the Middle East like never before. Filled with fresh veggies, juices, and rums, Soupsurf delivers delicious meals made with grilled meat and fresh veggies under Dubai’s sunlit alfresco areas of local restaurants and open public spaces. Guests enjoy meals from Soupsurf in a charming, intimate dining room which provides a genuine sense of intimacy and respect with your romantic partner or your friend.

Join the Class – Inspired by Al Fatah Meet

Dine in the sky below Dubai’s skyline to enjoy luxury offerings from Soupsurf under a spectacular night sky. Enjoy exclusive meals from Al Fatah Meet, Dubai’s only area restaurant, and Al Fatah Meet and Pub. It is a perfect place to put together a delicious meal together.

The enthralling dining experience offered by Soupsurf is like no other you have ever experienced before!

Feel like dining above the ground? And amping up the Dubai skyline on your food? You can feel the big smiles on your faces as you’re elevated in the sky on Soupsurf’s 50-seater dining space. Together, you can unwind after your thrill ride.

Enjoy fresh Dubai below

Next, one of the most unique and comforting soup surf meals is the Coconut Soup Breakfast Menu. These soup surf meals are not just the most creative but most nutritious meals Soupsurf has to offer in its restaurants. All of them had at the back are sweet Dubai, exotic Dubai, and local Dubai soup surf meals are tasty delicacies. The breakfast soup surf menu’s signature Coconut Soup is recommended for people who love eating around the sky.

If you want to go to the soup surf restaurants in Dubai then Soupsurf is the best choice. Everything is made fresh and healthy.

Everything is homemade and healthy. So, you know you’re going to have a memorable experience

We hope you get a great experience too! Don’t miss it.

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