Essential tools for making French toast

To make French toast, you need the right materials to do the job. The better these tools are, the easier it is to create your morning meal masterpiece. Below, we’ve listed all the things you’ll need for each step of the recipe. This equipment is available in all major retail stores at an affordable price. You might even want to spend more to get some higher quality equipment, as several of them can be used for other uses inside your kitchen.

Measuring cups

Before you begin, you’ll need a measuring cup to make sure you’re measuring your ingredients correctly. Many experienced home cooks have enough experience to assess their portions, but for the majority of us “ordinary people” we need the help of measuring cups. For French toast, you don’t need anything fancy, just something that can measure thirds and quarters of a cup.

Mixing container

You’ll need something to combine all of your eggs, milk, vanilla extract, and other ingredients to top your French toast. You can use a standard bowl, but it’s much easier to do if you have a separate mixing bowl. This is especially important when you have to serve many people.


Once you’ve combined your components in the mixing container, you need something to help you combine everything. A regular spatula will do the job, but could also leave you with a sore and stiff arm. We recommend that you use an egg mixer or even better an electric hand mixer.


Now that all the components are mixed, it’s time to soak the bread and bake it. While a standard pan will do, to get the best golden finish on your French toast you’ll want a high quality frying pan. The thicker the pan, the better.


You have to prepare each side of your bread and something tells me that flipping it with your hand isn’t the best idea. This is where a turner comes in. All turner is just the same, but if you want one that will last a lifetime, you’ll want to spend a little more on a top quality turner.

Serve items

Now that your morning meal is done, you need a presentation that does it justice. Plates and silverware are a necessity. In addition, it is useful to have a tray to put them. Ultimately, you can decorate the presentation with items like a fruit bowl, doily, flowers, and more. Get creative here and really do what needs to be done to make the morning special.

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