Dehydrated Foods Review – Avoid The Bland And Eat The Tasty On Your Next Backpacking Trip

We love to mix fresh ingredients to cook with dehydrated meals when we are hiking. But not all dehydrated meals are worth eating. Below is our review of which dishes we find tasty and which should be left on the store shelf.

Backpacking food doesn’t always mean it needs to be dehydrated, but dehydrated meals are light, quick, and easy to prepare. And some freeze-dried dishes are quite tasty.

There are several companies that make food for hikers and backpackers and we haven’t tried all of them. These are the ones we like and the ones we don’t like:

Natural high – Raspberry pudding granola. We really didn’t like it at all. We’ve made the switch to regular oatmeal that you buy in individual pouches at the grocery store. Much better in our opinion and just as easy to prepare.

But we tried their main dishes and really liked them! Especially their meatless entrees. It’s worth a try. And their fondant chocolate mousse is very delicious and doesn’t taste like backpacking food at all.

AlpineAire Foods – We’ve tried a variety of their meal ideas and they’re edible, but we’re not crazy about them. I also don’t remember their lids being resealable, which I find important after pouring hot water.

Backpacker’s pantry – We have tried many, many types of their meals and never liked any of them. Personally, I think there are much better foods for hiking.

Mountain house – My husband didn’t bother their meat dinners but added a little salt and pepper to his for flavor.

Mary Jane’s farm – We only tried one or two of them and they weren’t bad, but they don’t have resealable tops and after pouring hot water they need to sit down and d ‘absorb. This is something I would like them to add to their packaging.

Outdoor gourmet – We really love all of the hiking foods that we have tried in this business. I think they do a great job creating delicious meals. The garlic shrimp pasta they make has a lot of shrimp in it and we have bought this one a few times because we love it so much.

Richmoor – We mentioned some of their vegetal sides and they weren’t very good. Plus, it’s hard for vegetables to absorb hot water when the top doesn’t seal. The instructions call for folding over the top but it doesn’t work very well.

Including dehydrated meals in your backpacking kitchen plan is a convenient way to do this. Check out our review and more before investing in your next freeze-dried meal, you’ll get better results if you do!

Have a good hike!

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