Cooking Holidays in Israel – Bakeries

If there are two things Jewish food is famous for, one is chicken soup, universal penicillin, and the cure for all ailments. The other is baked goods, whether it’s delicious breads or calorie-packed pastries and cakes.

During your culinary vacation in Israel, you will have the opportunity not only to taste some of the most delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cakes, but also to learn, first-hand, how to prepare some of the most famous and lesser-known but equally so. delicious. recipes that Jewish cuisine has evolved over the years.

The advantage of spending a culinary holiday in the land of milk and honey is the fact that here you have a concentration of all the best in Jewish pastry from around the world. Due to Israel’s ethnic makeup, culinary traditions and recipes from all over the world have found their way to Israel. So, during your cooking vacation in Israel, you can taste breads from Europe, Africa and Asia. Taste cakes from Eastern Europe and sweets from the Middle East and Asia.

But you will not only be able to taste during your culinary vacation. With a small group of no more than six other participants, you’ll participate in a master baking class where you’ll learn from some of Israel’s best pastry chefs and bakers the secrets of making perfect breads and pastries. You will prepare a delicious Challa bread, soft, sweet and appetizing. You will learn how to prepare the honey soaked baklawa pastries filled with nuts and the fantastic yeast dough of the “rogalach” pastries.

At the end of the cooking vacation, you’ll return home with a cookbook filled with new ideas and new dishes to prepare for your family and friends. But be careful, once they taste your food, they’ll come back for more. So be prepared to entertain a lot, or maybe just suggest they take a cooking vacation in Israel too.

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