Can you buy Medifast drinks at grocery stores, health food stores, or drugstores?

Of all the emails I get and my hype on numerous weight loss forums and support groups, there is no doubt in my mind that Medifast shakes are the most requested over liquid products. Not only is this product filling, tasty, and quite practical, there is a certain mystery and misconception that seems to surround it. I get a lot of questions asking which stores keep these items in stock or regularly sell these items. I will come back to this subject in the following article.

If you have found this article, you have probably already tried to find these products on the shelves of stores or pharmacies. Maybe you’ve even ventured into a health food store or two or even tried the yellow pages or local directories. It is probably very likely that you were unsuccessful. The reason is that the company does not distribute the products through third parties.

That said, there are clinics scattered around the world, but many people do not have one nearby. I have never. The closest clinic to me is hours away. Waste of gas and time would not make this very feasible or even reasonable as it is really easy and quick for me to place an order online. They will usually ship the order the same day so you don’t have to wait that long to receive it. In my opinion, having to order and ship the product from the company is not at all a deciding factor. They’re worth the wait and in my experience are much more effective and healthy than anything you can get in the grocery store.

I also feel compelled to tell you that there are many types of Medifast shakes available. Examples are appetite suppression, diabetes, women’s health, metabolism boost, and joint health, to name a few of the most popular. When a lot of people ask me about these products, many are interested in the ready-to-drink variety that doesn’t require mixing. People are really drawn to the convenience of these and they’re pretty good, but I’d dare say the most popular option is the 55 shakes. These require mixing, but it literally takes a few seconds and you have more control over the texture and consistency. The 55-year-olds are often included in monthly plans and are part of the five plus one plan.

Speaking of the 5 plus 1, you may already know this, but the diet has a lot more to choose from besides the shakes. There are also soups and chili, breakfast foods, snacks, and other drink options, to name a few. There are well over 70 choices and all foods / liquids contain roughly the same amounts of calories, carbohydrates, and protein. So while the shakes are really popular and really good, there are other options that could give you a bit more variety.

You can order any of the food choices individually or as part of a package. Typically, coupons and promotions are only offered with packages, but the incentives change from time to time.

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